The location of the Villa Elena at a verdant hill at Perea, beside the Thermaikos gulf, offers a panoramic view of Thessaloniki and the gulf. From the balconies you can gaze the beautiful sunset and the summits of mountain Olympus, every season of the year and enjoy the peaceful natural environment from the privacy this property offers.

Villa Elena is pretty close to Thessaloniki, next to the international airport “Makedonia”, the Regency Casino, the luxurious mall “Mediterranean Cosmos” and the children’s favorites and not only  “Magic Park” and “Waterland” as well as the lovely beaches of Perea, Agia Triada, Epanomi and the whole Chalkidiki.

Guests will be amazed by the great choice of nightlife on offer, mixing traditions, cultures, the past and the present. Traditional Greek music halls, live music bars, buzzing new venues showcasing the best live acts every night of the week, whatever you’re after, you are sure to find it here.

Cozy little coffee shops and bars in the pedestrian by the sea at Perea and all out the region including Thessaloniki welcome their guests with all kinds of tunes –from jazz to house, to pop and balkan ethnicthe beats just keep on coming.

Nearby Beaches

  • perea beach

  • neoi epivates beach

  • agia triada beach

  • fanaribeach

  • Potamosbeach

  • Perea Beach, Distance 1 klm
  • Neoi Epivates Beach, distance 3 klm
  • Agia Triada Beach, distance 4 klm
  • Fanari Beach, distance 8 klm
  • Potamos Beach, distance 10 klm